Communications Archiving

Communications Archiving & AI-Powered Review

Rule 204-2 compliant archiving and AI-powered risk flagging of all communications: from email, to instant-messaging, to SMS..

Greenboard has built connectivity to capture and archive emails (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), instant messages (Microsoft Teams, Slack, others), and SMS communications.

As with the entirety of our platform, we prioritize usability and efficiency for users — unlike other products in the space that lead to days-long backlogs of flagged communications for review. The user experience of our archiving tool is designed to mirror the look and feel of an email inbox.

One way that we drive efficiency in communications review is by algorithmically grouping communications into complete threads, so that compliance officers do not need to review the same potentially problematic communication multiple times.

Additionally, we supplant traditional random-sampling and lexicon matching surveillance approaches with a custom-rules driven AI risk graph. Our risk graph engine takes a series of english-language instructions on when to flag communications for human review and when to not flag communications for human review. The system then scans the entirety of a communications thread and assesses if the communication is risky enough to warrant review. Our solution:

  • Provides a higher standard of diligence vs lexicon-based approaches because it captures nuances that are missed in keyword matches by considering the content of a communication as a whole

  • Saves time for compliance officers, be ensuring that more compliance-relevant communications are flagged

  • Allows for detailed customization to the specific needs of your compliance program, in a way that AI text classifiers cannot support

To learn more about our efficient solution for communications archiving and review request a demo here.