Brokerage Data

Better Brokerage Connectivity: Modernized APIs, Traditional Feeds, and AI-powered Extraction

Greenboard is the first KYE platform to support both traditional file feeds, modern brokerage APIs, and use proprietary AI to extract and structure data from brokerage statements

Most major brokerages - such as Fidelity, Schwab, and Robinhood - have now built open-banking APIs to allow users to securely grant access to their data without password sharing.

In most cases, regulated financial firms can now utilize direct API connections to connect 90%+ of employee accounts. These API connections are more reliable than file feeds and do not "break" in the same way that screen-scraped data feeds do. Because of this, compliance teams can accomplish the same degree of data access as traditional feeds without the need for administrative overhead of establishing and maintaining feeds across broker-specific software. The result is a 50x faster brokerage data setup process and a 10x faster

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